Signs of our constant commitment to improvement, guaranteeing the quality and safety of our productions.

International Food Standard

After a long and demanding path, in 2012 we obtained IFS certification. The decision to certify the production process throughout the entire supply chain was dictated by the desire to improve, to never feel like we have arrived, rather aware that the space for development and growth has no limits. Since then we have been certified with an ever-increasing higher level score.


In 2011, in line with our decision to embark on a path towards sustainability, we started processing organic grapes from the Trebbia Valley. The unchanged environment that characterises the valley stimulated us to strive for the preservation of its biodiversity and the valorisation of its products.

The winery is certified to produce organic wines, the most representative: Trebbianino Val Trebbia and Barbera, since 2017 vinified without added sulfites. In 2019 we began the process of converting the estate's Due Querce vineyard to organic as well.