Bobbio celebrates autumn with mushrooms, truffles and grapes

Everything is ready for the 33rd edition of the Mushroom, Truffle and Grape Festival, which returns Sunday, Oct. 2, in the picturesque setting of Bobbio, to celebrate the typical products of the fall season.

Three squares, three unique products, many initiatives for enthusiasts and the curious, and "themed" menus in restaurants: the day aims to celebrate the territory and its seasonal specialties of recognized excellence.

And to give voice to the quality of Piacenza's wine production Cantine Bonelli will be present with the wines that most represent the area:

Trebbianino Val Trebbia, Gutturnio, bubbles and macerated wine celebrating the 75th anniversary of the founding of the winery, will not fail to "tell" through unmistakable aromas and flavors, the distinctive excellence of the Trebbia Valley.

Guided tastings and sales booths will allow for an experience that will amaze.