Sunday, Oct. 2 Bobbio welcomes the area's winemaking excellence

On Sunday, Oct. 2, Bobbio is dressed in the scents and flavors of autumn traditions: the Mushroom and Truffle Festival and Grape Festival returns, an eagerly awaited event for lovers of typical seasonal products, now in its 33rd year.

A day of authentic flavors, full of initiatives and events that will enliven the three main squares of the festive town.

Specifically, St. Fara Square will be transformed into a Wine Area dedicated to the exhibition, tasting and sale of the territory's flagship wine products, within which Cantine Bonelli will be present with wines that express the essence of the Trebbia Valley's winemaking tradition.

Unmissable is the DOC Trebbianino Val Trebbia also in the Organic version.

This is the winery's most representative wine, created by founder Anacleto Bonelli in the 1950s and named precisely after the Trebbia Valley, its production area.

Sogno and Trebbianino Val Trebbia BIO fully embody the winery's deep connection with the land.

Gutturnio, the king of red wines, will be present: Birichin and Tesor, Gutturnio DOC and Gutturnio DOC Riserva, will represent the most typical of Piacenza's wines.

Space is also given to bubbles, where it will be Mother Earth Rosé, sparkling brut 100% pinot noir, the "lady" star of the day.

Alongside white, red and bubbly wines strongly linked to tradition, there will also be a hint of innovation : present in fact...era il 1946, a macerated wine created to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the founding of the winery, an intense product that will provide a rich and elegant tasting experience.

Mushrooms, truffles, wines, chestnuts and many activities will therefore be the ingredients of a day that promises to be much more than an event, a true immersive experience in the territory of the upper Trebbia Valley and its precious specificities.