Cremona Salami Festival: Tognazzi's bite goes hand in hand with the Trebbia Valley

If we had been in a movie, it would have been a memorable scene: that was the feeling upon tasting Tognazzi's bite, a special "focaccia and salami" dedicated to the famous actor from Cremona doc, paired with Due Querce white wine from Cantine Bonelli.

On the occasion of the Salami Festival, which enlivened the heart of Cremona from October 7 to 9, the Cantine's Malvasia fermo paid its personal tribute to Ugo Tognazzi, a great lover and connoisseur of local cuisine, by marrying the authentic taste of the dish created by chef Achille Mazzini, of Mazzini's enogastronomy at
Cremona, in collaboration with Michele Quarantani of the town's award-winning bakery of the same name.
Thus was born Tognazzi's Bite, inspired by the actor's love of food, a celebration of the traditional Cremonese Bertolina, a dish that originated as a poor
dessert that over time has been paired with cured meats and roasts - on this occasion with salami - with a fun sweet-and-sour play.

"Ours is a meeting of neighbors who share history, culture and traditions."

Elena Bonelli present at the event explains.

"for us it is a pleasure to take part in moments when we pay tribute to quality and excellence. Our traditions are an invaluable heritage that moves us into the future every day."