Ais "Vitae" Guide 2022: Tesor and Anacleto Rosè among the top wines in the area

4,000 producers from Valle d'Aosta to Sicily, 30,000 wines tasted, about 1,000 sommeliers attended to select the best wines of the national territory to be included in the monumental Ais Guide "Vitae" 2022: among the excellences that officially enter the new edition are two wines from Cantine Bonelli, testifying to a high level of production that crowns Piacenza queen of quality in Emilia Romagna.

Let's talk about Gutturnio and bubbles, these are the two categories in which the winery distinguished itself, with products that confirmed the care and attention that have characterized the winery for years.

Tesor, Gutturnio DOC Riserva vintage 2019, earns a mention within the prestigious Guide, being among the fifteen Piacenza Gutturnio labels selected by sommeliers.

"We are talking about a Gutturnio that is subjected to an aging period of at least 24 months," Elena Bonelli explains , "a full-bodied and elegant wine, one of the expressions of the flagship wine of our territory, next to the classic sparkling and superior red."

And if typicality wins with Gutturnio, with bubbles, on the other hand, an ever-growing trend is established that sees sparkling wines from the Piacenza area as excellent competitors to Franciacorta and Prosecco in consumption habits in the area.

It is Il Fondatore Anacleto Spumante Brut Metodo Classico in the Rosé version, vintage 2018, that deserves the valuable recognition of Ais.

100% Pinot Noir, the product is named after the founder of the Cellars, Anacleto Bonelli, and embodies the essence of a winery that has always combined tradition and innovation, in full respect of its deep bond with its territory, the Trebbia Valley.

A great achievement, then, that creates value and looks to the future, with a view to increasing recognition of ethical and sustainable wine production, which now more than ever is part of a landscape of undisputed quality.