Did you know...

Organic farming preserves environmental resources?

Organic farming is a production system that is based on respecting the natural cycles of life, without the use of harmful chemicals.

The use of natural substances and processes aims at improving the soil, preserving the environment and biodiversity.
This is why organic farming represents a model of environmental sustainability and an ethical choice to preserve natural and human resources.

Organic certification was an important milestone for us, achieved through virtuous behaviour geared towards sustainability that has guided the company's production processes for 75 years, first purely agricultural and now the entire supply chain, right up to the table.

And in line with our decision to pursue a steady path of sustainability, in 2011 we started processing organic grapes from the Trebbia Valley.

Ours is a certification that starts with the grape and since 2017 has also extended to sulphite-free organic production. 

In 2019 we started the process of converting the Due Querce vineyard to organic as well.