Did you know...

The main grape varieties in Piacenza viticulture are four?

Among the main native grape varieties in the Piacenza area are two white varieties, Ortrugo and Malvasia di Candia Aromatica, and two black varieties, Barbera and Croatina, locally called Bonarda, after the name of the wine made from pure Croatina grapes.

The Ortrugo grape variety, typical and exclusive to the Piacenza area, was mainly used as a blending grape. Only in the 1970s did it begin to be vinified in purity, shortly becoming the most popular white wine in the area.

Aromatic Malvasia di Candia is, among the 17 varieties of Malvasia, the richest aromatically. A very old variety cultivated in northern Italy since the 1400s, it has found its territory of choice in the hills of Piacenza.

Croatina or Bonarda is a grape variety historically present in the Piacenza area. Its use on its own yields ready-to-drink wines, or combined with grapes from other vines, in this case Barbera, it yields DOC Gutturnio.

Highly productive and versatile, Barbera grapes are characterized by their ability to produce full-bodied, spicy wines with good acidity.

Our winery works exclusively with native varieties, and almost all of our production is D.O.C. Colli Piacentini wines.

A large part of the grapes used for the production of our wines comes from the Trebbia Valley, confirming our desire to create wines that are an authentic expression of our valley as well as of the peculiarities of the Piacenza area.