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Does foliage have beneficial effects on body and mind?

The foliage, which literally means foliage, is a term that is increasingly being used today to refer to the typical colors of autumn, a season in which we witness the natural phenomenon of nature's transformation, which is dressed in new colors with evocative appeal.

The landscape is tinged with warm tones ranging from yellow to ochre, orange to deep red, bronze to brown, offering uniquely beautiful scenery to admire and immortalize.

But besides the beauty of the moment, foliage also has beneficial effects on the health of body and mind .

It is well known that contact with nature is therapeutic in itself, but this time of year in particular can instill a deep sense of well-being and serenity.

This is how autumn walks immersed in the new colors and scents of the season strengthen the respiratory system, reduce stress, and improve circulation, becoming a true color therapy session.

Warm colors infuse energy, good mood, promoting concentration and conveying feelings of serenity, creativity and deep well-being.

Foliage transforms the natural charm of the Trebbia Valley into something magical: endless expanses of color reshape the landscape, giving every visitor a unique experience.

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