Did you know...

Is the classic method a system of sparkling wine making that relies on refermentation in the bottle?

The Classical Method or Champenoise, named after the Champagne region of France, is a sparkling wine production system based on the principle of refermentation in the bottle.

To the base wines, made as still wines from grapes that are harvested early to ensure good acidity, is added a mixture of sugars and yeasts, the so called liqueur de tirage, which induces refermentation of the wines and the formation of bubbles.

Wines thus fortified are bottled, using thick, dark-glass bottles to protect the wine from light and closed with a crown cork.

They are then put to rest on the lees, for frothing.

The longer the aging, the more the sparkling wine will have aromatic and perfume richness and a fine, persistent perlage.

Placed to age in a horizontal position, in temperature-controlled environments, the bottles are then subjected to the remuage or rotation, until they are brought to an almost vertical position, to concentrate the residue at the end of the bottle neck.

This is followed by disgorging, which is the stage where residues are expelled due to the pressure formed,bottling and packaging of the product.

These days in the winery we are carrying out the disgorgement of our classic method.

Anacleto Brut Il Fondatore and Anacleto Rosé, named precisely after the founder of our Cellars, Anacleto Bonelli, have been on the lees for a long time:

40 months of aging for Anacleto Brut and as many as 50 months for the Rosé version.

It is the length of the aging period that determines the aromatic and perfume richness of our classic method sparkling wines, which have always been high quality products.