Did you know...

The natural heritage of the Trebbia Valley has ancient origins?

The Trebbia Valley holds a unique natural heritage that testifies to the ancient origins of this area.

The rock formations of Pietra Perduca and Pietra Parcellara date back 150 million years. These are magmatic solidifications that were originally present at the bottom of the Ligurian Ocean, which extended into this area before the collision of the African and Eurasian plates.

The landscape that hosts this spectacle of nature is characterised by the variety of living organisms present and includes particular species of fauna and flora.

It is in this evocative territorial context, where nature has always played a leading role, that our Winery fits in.

Respect for the environment and its biodiversity has guided our choices for over 75 years, determining us to embark on a path of environmental, economic and social sustainability that expresses our identity and that we reconfirm every day .