Did you know...

Soil influences wine quality and characteristics?

Strongly sensitive to climatic conditions, the vine, on the other hand, is characterized by great adaptability to different soil types.

However, there are soils that better respond to viticulture, just as the same grape variety grown on different soils gives rise to wines with different characteristics.

Soil is therefore a determining factor in vine cultivation and influences the character and quality of the wine.

Vines prefer poor, well-drained soils that less expose plants to water and mineral salts.

This results in restrained grape growth and a consequent concentration of sugars and flavors in the berries.

In fact, the roots absorb nutrients from the layer of arable soil placed above the underlying soil.

Fertile, moist, salt-rich soils lead to the production of wines that are qualitatively inferior and unsuited to aging.

Our winery is developed in an area of medium hills, where the composition and good drainage of the soil, the oldest in the territory of Piacenza, together with the morphological and microclimatic characteristics of the Trebbia Valley, have always determined the territory's strong vocation for quality viticulture.