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Is organic wine more tolerated by the body?

The benefits associated with consuming food produced by limiting the use of chemicals as much as possible are now well known, and this is confirmed by the increasing development and spread of organic farming practices that employ natural substances and processes at various stages of production and processing.

Organic wine is produced, processed and bottled without the use of chemicals, additives, preservatives.

This makes it possible to have a product that combines quality with characteristics that make it well tolerated by the body.

Fertilizers, pesticides, chemical herbicides, and synthetic plant protection products are among the primary factors responsible for allergies, intolerances, and ailments that can create real disorders in the body.

The absence of such products in organic wine production therefore makes it a more natural, digestible and healthy product.

The level of healthiness is then increased if organic production is also combined with the non-use of added sulfites, which are responsible for the well-known post-consumption headaches.

Sulfites are produced naturally in the fermentation stage of wine, but to an extent that does not create problems for the body.

Thus, choosing organic products that do not involve the addition of sulfites avoids the unpleasant discomfort.

With a focus on environmental sustainability and constant attention to the consumer, we have been processing organic grapes from the Trebbia Valley for more than a decade.

Our certified organic production, since 2017 also extended to sulfite-free organic production, is an expression of our deep connection with the land and our desire to preserve and enhance its precious resources every day.