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Disgorgement is a fundamental procedure for sparkling wines produced in the classic method?

The disgorging process is part of the steps involved in producing sparkling wines in the classic method-also called champenoise-from the Champagne region of France.

This method produces wines with fine, persistent mousse and characteristic delicate aromas reminiscent of yeast.

Among the different stages of production, disgorging is definitely one of the most important.

This is the stage in which the crown cork is removed to allow the fermentation deposits to disgorge and thus escape. Traditionally done by hand (à la volée), today disgorging is done through the method of freezing the neck of the bottle (à la glacée).

Bottles with frozen necks are subsequently rotated 180 degrees and then moved to the automatic straightening and uncorking stage.

Due to the pressure inside the bottles, the frozen part is expelled along with the fermentation sediment.

Our classic method comes to disgorgement after at least 30 months of bottle aging.

Slow fermentation at a controlled temperature of about 15° and the care given to each step of the process give the product balance, elegance and a freshness that make it ideal throughout a meal.