Did you know...

The Trebbia Valley is home to rare species of conservation importance?

8 habitats, 29 floristic species and 39 faunal species: these are the data collected on the territory in terms of biodiversity, recipients of interest and conservation actions not only at the national level but also at the European level.

The Trebbia Valley guards a true environmental heritage, confirming the favorable and prolific characteristics of the area.

It is the significant diversification of the landscape that fosters the development of rich biodiversity, which is a distinctive and valuable element for the entire valley.

Our winery was born and developed while always maintaining a deep connection with the land.

We are aware of how much the quality of our wines depends on our ability to preserve and enhance the precious resources of our land.

Educating people to respect the environment and adjusting every process in accordance with the conservation of its resources is among the actions we have been implementing on a daily basis, for more than 75 years.