Did you know...

Does the vine hibernate?

Winter is a crucial time in the life cycle of the vine.

After the harvest, in fact, the plant begins a resting phase, similar to hibernation, in which it sheds its leaves, reducing its activity to a minimum to protect itself from the cold.

It is as if silently saving energy and lifeblood for the new season that will lead to budding and future ripening of the clusters.

Cold weather, as well as snow, form a natural cover for the soil, protecting the roots of plants during this vegetative resting phase.

It is, therefore, a time when nature independently adjusts its balance .

Man's action is mostly limited to pruning, maintaining a quantity of buds on the plant that is in line with the estimated production volumes for the new vintage.

In the winter time, the Trebbia Valley offers scenery of unique beauty, in which a delicate blanket of frost or snow seems to envelop the landscape, gradually accompanying nature as it awakens.

Just at this very important time of rest, we take care of our vines through careful and meticulous pruning, so as to prepare them for the new production year in which they will be able to bring back the authentic taste of the Trebbia Valley.