Did you know...

Sustainability is a lifestyle?

When we talk about sustainability we usually think of environmental sustainability, in terms of protecting the ecosystem and safeguarding its resources.

In reality, the concept of sustainability is much broader.

Economic efficiency, income for business, and equity in the distribution of human welfare conditions are the other foundational pillars that interact in synergistic relationship to define a new concept of sustainability with a more global meaning.

The Trebbia Valley is an area where fairness, respect for nature and for human beings have always been distinctive values. 

Anacleto, the founder of Cantine Bonelli, already 75 years ago aimed to safeguard the agricultural heritage of the valley, which was also made up of people who, through growing grapes and bringing them to the winery, provided a livelihood for their families.

Certainly Anacleto may not have imagined that his forward-looking vision could help define the distinctive characteristics of the Trebbia Valley, but he certainly had it in him to preserve the rural human heritage, the lifeblood of our territory.

Even today, our focus is on respecting and protecting natural and human resources that, if preserved and enhanced, help define a better future with respect for all life.