Did you know...

There is an international standard that identifies virtuous behaviour in the winegrowing process?

Every stage of processing and transformation, especially of products that come from the earth, needs attention and care.

Thus, it is that virtuous behaviors implemented at every stage of the production process are now the most effective tool for building trust in products and processes, guaranteeing high standards of safety, quality, legality and food compliance.

IFS Food Standard (IFS) certification is an international standard for assessing the conformity of products and processes in relation to food safety and quality. 

For our winery to obtain certification was a conscious path to demonstrate to the outside world the ethicality and authenticity of each process.

An opportunity to demonstrate our vocation for attention to production processes, at every stage, our concrete commitment to guaranteeing the quality and safety of production to be shared with those who meet us, in the winery, at a restaurant table, during an aperitif or welcome us as a family through shelf purchase.