Did you know...

In the Trebbia Valley there is a protected area linked to the river of the same name?

The Trebbia River Regional Park is a natural area that protects the last stretch of the river of the same name, up to its confluence with the Po River.
The climatic and environmental characteristics favor the proliferation of plant and animal species that inhabit the area, adapting to the river regime over the seasonal cycles.

A place of transit, stopover and nesting for many migratory birds, the river is home to several species of conservation interest, including the little ringed plover and the stone curlew, which has become a symbol of the park because of its rarity.

The park's riverine landscape is characterized by large areas of river bed and river terraces where meadows and shrublands alternate with traditional agricultural crops and areas subject to mining.

It is precisely here that our winery is positioned, leaning on a hillside that, over the years, has welcomed and enhanced our productions.

The climate and the unique composition of the soil are the natural factors that characterize the typicality and authenticity of our wine production, in full harmony with the natural resources that "embrace" our winery.