Did you know...

In the 1950s there was a real revolution in the Trebbia Valley?

It was a very complex era, punctuated by great instabilities related to the decline of a cooperative winemaking reality in the area, which created great disorientation in the fabric of local winemakers.
Increasingly, a need for intervention was shaping up, not only economically but also and especially socially.

Physiologically, vineyards and farms that, on the cultivation of grapes, had hitherto founded their economic center and represented a great natural resource would have faded away.

So it was that after World War II Anacleto Bonelli, aware that he was in an area with a strong wine vocation, sensed the potential of the sector and alongside the family business-a small grocery store in the Trebbia Valley-decided to try his hand at grape crushing, learning the trade as a self-taught .

He first rented a former social winery in Perino and later, given the excellent results, a former spinning mill in Rivergaro, the town where the company still stands today. 

From that point on, Cantine Bonelli became a transfer point for the area's grapes and through building a close network of winemakers ensured the continuation of the business, creating value for the area.