Did you know...

Sustainability was born in the Trebbia Valley more than 75 years ago

Sustainability is a theme that we feel strongly about our times, guiding us in making investment and development choices that preserve precious environmental resources for future generations.

Instead, what we think is only a current issue represents the value element that has defined the distinctive features of the Trebbia Valley over the years.

Here sustainability is rooted as far back as 1946, when Anacleto Bonelli founded the wineries that still bear his name.

Great respect for the land and its distinctive natural and human characteristics were the levers that determined Anacleto to undertake winemaking in the valley.

And it was precisely the primary objective of conserving and enhancing the biodiversity of the Trebbia Valley territory, which characterized the choices of the founder of Cantine Bonelli in the immediate post-war period, that started the path known to all today as Sustainability.