Did you know...

In the Trebbia Valley there are areas with a strong vocation for quality wines?

It dates back to Roman times that real wine production evolved in the Trebbia Valley area.

This is evidenced by the discovery in Statto of shards and remains of vessels used for storing and aging wine.

During the early Middle Ages, the province of Piacenza remained a vital hub of viticulture thanks to the work of the monks of the monastery of St. Columba in Bobbio, right in the Trebbia Valley. 

If history has marked a clear path of identity and wine production in our territory, equally certified are the climatic and natural characteristics that have always made the vineyards and their productions exclusive. 

The orographic characteristics of the area, which alternates between different altitudes and exposures of the slopes, and the diversity of composition of the soils cultivated with vines, are factors that contribute to making the area very interesting for wine production, in which niches of suitability for a particular grape variety or a particular type of wine can emerge.

It is in this context that Trebbianino Val Trebbia was born, one of the most historic and characteristic white wines of these lands, created by our founder Anacleto Bonelli.